Georgia Reia President and Mark Discussing Business President of GAREIA and Mark Discussing HUD Homes

Wholesaling, Foreclosures, Lease Purchases, Landlords, Property Management, Asset Protection, Identity Theft, are just a few of the topics discussed at Georgia REIA this past Monday. I had just a few minutes to talk with the President Amanda Charlesworth about our group and her company Charles Worth Realty Group and purchasing HUD’s and REO properties. Now is the time to buy as home prices and house prices have never been this low and probably will not be this low again in our lifetime.  My wife took the picture so I know it was ok to stand this close to another good looking Lady. Amanda is a really good REIA President and knows the market.

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Asset Protection

Lee and Mark At GAREIA


I have followed this guy for years. He is a good teacher and one of the few really good lawyers in the business. Lee came and Talked to GAREIA  (the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association- The Largest REIA in the US) this week. Lee spent time explaining how to protect your assets and your business. Lee also discussed the proper way to structure a small business, write a will and several types of trust. He went over several ways on how to save money on taxes and keep more of what you earn.  Lee has always been a help to us personally and I can’t say enough good things about him. One of his web sites is

Lee also talked and explained the importance of protecting you Identity. Identity theft is one of the biggest crimes today.

I highly recommend his material and courses to anyone who is serious about protecting their personal and professional assets and Identity.  Lee is also counsel to the supreme court.  How is that for having an Attorney on your team!



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September 5, 2011

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